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Monastic Living Today

The present-day Cistercian Community at Holy Cross Abbey seeks to live the Cistercian charism in the C21st. It is a life lived in community, a life of prayer, nurtured by daily manual work and lectio divina. Lectio divina is a meditative way of reading, listening to and pondering upon the word of God.

The Community seeks to foster an atmosphere of tranquillity in the monastery, working at various tasks in a way that does not hinder this, but enables each member of the Community to make her individual journey to the Trinity in company with her sisters. Speech is valued and dialogue developed as a way of promoting mutual understanding and sharing the fruits of the Spirit in joy, love, patience and kindness towards one another.



Fr Michael Hart is our part-time Chaplain

Mass times vary please see front page of website or our facebook page

Mass & Divine Office


Vigils - 3.30 am

Lauds - 7.00 am

Tierce - 7.40 am

MASS - 8.00 am

Sext - 12.15 pm

None - 2.30 pm (14.30h)

Vespers - 5.00 pm (17.00h)

Compline - 6.45 pm (18.45h)


Saturdays as week-days except:

Vigils - 4.30 am

Mid-day Prayer (Sext & None) - 12.15pm

Compline - 6.45 pm (18.45)


Sundays same as week-days except:

Tierce - 8.40 am

MASS -  9.00 am

Mid-day Prayer(Sext & None) - 12.15 pm

Vespers is followed by Benediction


Retreat Sunday

1st Sunday of the month Exposition at 16.00h followed by Vespers and Benediction.