We earn our living by the work of our hands.


The Abbey Bakery where we sell Altar Breads is open for new and existing customer

Altar breads: hcaaltarbreads@gmail.com

Others: hcawhitlandshop@gmail.com

Cards for Sale

All cards are printed, size A6 and are supplied with a white envelope.

The 'Madonna & Child' was painted by Gerard David (1450-1523). A copy of this painting is now in our cloister.

The cards code CP1 to CP5 are blank with a quote from the Psalms, they are pictures taken from our monastery by the sisters.

Each card costs £1.30 only including second class postage UK only.

Thank you for supporting us.

Please download and fill in the Card Order Form and post to us together with a crossed cheque payable to Holy Cross Abbey. We will then send you the cards by Royal Mail second class post.

If no printer is available, please send us a note with all the information on the Form by email hcawhitlandshop@gmail.com.

Thank you very much!

How lovely is a greeting card to your loved one during this challenging time.

Please share with your friends we are selling cards. Thank you for your help.

We will soon put out more cards, some are brand new designs. Please visit our web page again.

Altar Breads Price List (Pdf) revised April 2022

Altar Breads increase in prices from 1st April 2022

We are sorry to announce an increase in the price of our altar breads.

As you know the prices of utilities, flour and etc have been greatly increasing since 2019. We try hard to control our cost under this on-going inflation.

Altar breads stay fresh over a year in dry and airtight conditions. In order to minimize your cost, we suggest that you place orders with greater quantities of altar breads each time, since the same postage applies to all parcels under 2 kg. The weight of breads varies, but as a quick reference, an order of 5,000 2.9cm diameter small and 100 large altar breads should normally be fine.

The altar breads is the community’s main source of income and we are very grateful for your support. We remember you all in our prayer.

Many thanks

For Altar Breads
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Jams, chutney and Jelly are ready for sale both at the gate and inside the front door.

In the porch we sell cards, icons, note pads, lavender sachets, rose petal sachets and preserves made by the sisters, as well as books, cards and calendar

Kiosk and barrow at the Gate
Selling jams and preserves; plants and seasonal vegetables (mainly in the summer months).
Home baking during weekend 9am to 6pm.

There is an honesty box