Come and See Weekends 2024 at Holy Cross Abbey

Welcome to
Holy Cross Abbey Whitland

Holy Cross Abbey is set on the side of a hill overlooking a broad valley with the Preseli Hills as a backdrop beyond. It is a place of peace and great natural beauty and provides a perfect environment for a monastic life of prayer and praise: a place of rest and refreshment for those who visit us. We are about 5 hours from London, 2 hours from Cardiff, by road or rail, but a million miles away if you compare the bustle of capital city with the gentle landscape of Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

Please Pray for Peace

Almighty father,
You are the Lord of history, and we place in your hands the distress of our times.

Do not allow war cries and threats to triumph,
but enlighten us that we may recognise the human family across the world as one family.

Welcome those who have died,
comfort those who mourn,
be with refugees and those driven from their homes,
heal the wounds of those injured in body and soul
and be close to all who seek to aid them.

Send your Holy Spirit over the earth,
the Spirit who defeats division,
who overcomes war.

Now, Lord, please come to our aid,
guide us into the way of peace, trusting always in
Your Word, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns for ever and ever,

Mass Times

Fourth Sunday of Easter 21st April
Fr Liam Bradley Mass 9am

Tuesday 23rd April
Fr Liam Bradley Mass 8am

Friday 26th April
Fr Liam Bradley Mass 8am

Fifth Sunday of Easter 28th April
Fr Liam Bradley Mass 9am

*** Days not mentioned above
Eucharistic Service 8am

May God bless us all.

Weekly Thought

The crux lies in the idea of ‘stability’.
Cassian maintained the solitary life in theory as a higher life beyond that of the community.
Benedict did not deny this theory, and by commending Cassian and the Egyptian fathers commended it.
He made his revolution smaller by describing his Rule as a little Rule for beginners.
Benedictine hermits were not unknown.
But, like Cassian, he had tried the hermit life and then returned to a community.
And from the novice he demanded a public profession of stability, amendment of life, and obedience.
The idea of continuing in the monastery until death was changing the old relation between the community and the anchorite,
the old distinction between the obedient and the contemplative.
The Rule is the confession of humility that all men are in truth beginners.

Owen Chadwick, John Cassian, page 155